Liam having fun playing

his Alto Recorder ‚Äč

Barn Music Studio


flute in barrie

Grace performing a duet with teacher Myrelle at her

Level 1 Recorder Recital

A resurgence of interest in Renaissance and Celtic music has brought the Recorder into the foreground of music. The Recorder Family consists of many sizes and voices. It's ease of creating a sound, as well as being an extremely cost effective instrument to purchase, makes it a perfect way for anyone of any age to get into music and playing.

We teach anyone of any age about Music, using the Recorder. It is a great tool for finger dexterity, coordination and breathe control. 

  • We use easy recognizable melodies, to get you playing quickly and having fun making music
  • individually planned program based on your abilities
  • Learn to play with other musicians 
  • learning recorder is a great foundation to music and can be a springboard to learning other musical instruments, especially the flute !

Whether choosing to start on the smaller sized, descant/soprano recorder with it's sweet high voice, or the bigger mellower Alto Recorder, or the even bigger Tenor Recorder. We can help you achieve your musical goals.

All materials are included in the lesson cost,

including a quality Soprano or Alto recorder