Barn Music Studio

Learn to play many different styles with an award winning teacher of guitar.

We offer our students free instrument setup, string changing, digital recording, demo CDs,

free loan of a guitar for beginners!

Students learn basic to advanced technique of

guitar playing

  • fret board knowledge 
  • right or left hand positions
  • 12 bar & 16 bar blues, 32 bar song forms are taught to accompany yourself, or other singers & to play with other musicians
  • students learn patterns & riffs, according to the style of music they want to play, improvisation is taught early 

Our programs include:

rock & blues

Learn the songs & riffs through the history of Rock & Roll. If you want to "SHRED" you're going to need "CHOPS"! This program is ideal for Blues, Rock or Metal players. To graduate you need drive, intensity a feel for "ROCK"

John Weston: guitar teacher

Learn how to play your favourite songs. This is a great way to improve your guitar or vocal skills, learn to accompany popular music, country, classic rock!

Popular Guitar

Guitar lessons