Barn Music Studio

classical guitar

John Weston 


Ideal for the player with ambition to study jazz improvisation, a gradual introduction to the repertoire and playing style of Django Reinhardt, Wes Montgomery, Jim Hall & Pat Metheny

  • Students will learn about the different song forms used in jazz,
  • patterns & riffs are used to introduce improvisation
  • a methodical approach is used to teach Harmony, Chords & Scale relationships  

Classical & Jazz Guitar lessons

>Learn to read music while you study technique & tone production. 

>Progress through the Royal Conservatory Exam grades, learning the classical guitar repertoire

>theory study included in lessons.

>Students of this program learn how to apply their classical technique to other genres of music.

This program has produced an award winning guitarist who was awarded a silver medal as a top student in Ontario

Learn to play guitar in a Classical or Jazz style with an award winning teacher, John Weston.

We offer our students

  • free instrument setup,
  • string changing,
  • digital recording & demo CDs,
  • one hour lesson, with theory included  

Students taking lessons will learn basic to advanced technique while studying classical guitar or Jazz guitar