We teach beginners and beyond the fundamentals of flute playing. It's about learning how to balance a column of air. Learn tone, technique, correct posture while playing easy melodies. Consistency is the tool used to get results. 

Learn how to make your flute sing with the music you want to play in the following genres.

Become abso-flute-ly amazing!!

Are you in a school or community concert band? Need help? The flute doesn't always get the melody part and there can be lots of times you aren't even playing, how do you know when to come in? We can help you learn all the ins and outs of playing in a group, large or small. From intonation to rhythm, to interpreting your part and learning to listen, being sensitive to the music and your fellow musicians

jazz & pop

Celtic & traditional

There is no better way to build a solid foundation in flute playing than through classical music study. Learn the accepted solo flute repertoire while studying the Royal Conservatory of Music's graded system. We take you step by step through the classical flute repertoire.

Study the great players, Moe Kauffman, Herbie Mann, Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull and beyond while learning the Standards and how to interpret the melody. It's not just notes on a page. Understand the harmony and how it relates to your melodic playing. Then add your own flavour and twists with variations and arrangements.


Barn Music Studio

"Rakes O'Mallow", "Fais DoDo", "Scarborough Fair". A simple melody can brighten the soul, convey sadness, or make you want to dance. From Ballads to Jigs & Reels learn to play the songs of the Isles and beyond while learning the special techniques and embellishments unique to this style of playing.

Myrelle Byrd, flute & recorder teacher

Loan  Flutes


for new students

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